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Amazing Romance Read and Great Bargains

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Whether you love paranormal in the form of romance, suspense, mystery, horror, or fantasy, this boxed set will have something to entice your preternatural sensibilities. Supernaturally thrilling and engaging, this boxed set has it all: ghosts, vampires, mind-readers, shape-shifters, demons, faeries, werewolves, and more. For a limited time, you can enjoy books from today's New York Times, USA Today, Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestselling authors and many more. We have everything from titles that are slated for the big screen to stories from Pulitzer Prize and Bram Stoker Award Nominees! When purchased separately, these books cost over $50! But they are yours today for less than $1. Professionally formatted, no cliffhangers, and no short stories. Every selection in this rare, limited edition paranormal boxed set are full-length novels and novellas! A few are "First in Series," but we carefully selected only those which can still be enjoyed as a standalone! 
Only $0.99
***Riley J Ford, NY Times & USA Today Bestseller: INTO YOU --- Winter knows exactly what her friends are thinking, but there's a catch... 
***Rebecca Hamilton, Amazon Bestselling & Film-Optioned Novelist: HER SWEETEST DOWNFALL --- Ophelia's initiation won't be complete until she kills the man she loves. 
***Apryl Baker, Amazon Bestselling & Film-Optioned Novelist: THE AWAKENING --- Bones breaking and muscles tearing haunt Alexandria Reed.
***Carole Lanham, Amazon Bestselling Author & Bram Stoker Award Nominee: CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE --- "There are monsters in this world. Sometimes I have fallen victim to them and sometimes I have been one." 
***Thomas Sullivan, Pulitzer Prize Nominee: THE WATER WOLF --- An adventurer searching for links in a colossal subterranean network finds a dangerous churchyard where he encounters strange magic. 
***Rainy Kaye, Amazon Bestselling Author: SUMMONED --- A reluctant genie criminal unravels the mystery of the paranormal bond controlling him. 
***Conner Kressley, Amazon Bestselling Author: THE BREAKER'S CODE --- Cresta thinks everything is the end of the world. She might be right. 
***Laura Howard, Amazon Bestselling Author: THE FORGOTTEN ONES 
***Noree Cosper, B.R.A.G. Medallion: A PRESCRIPTION FOR DELIRIUM --- Madness spreading like a virus and a revenge that's waited for over 500 years. 
***Louise Caiola, Amazon Bestselling Author: WHAT TRULY KNOWS --- Some said Truly was born with a gift. Others, a curse. But it was the very thing meant to save her life. If it didn’t kill her first. 
***Susan Stec, Amazon Bestselling Author: DEAD GIRLS NEVER SHUT UP --- Toni's grandmother is a psychopath. Her sister is a ghost. Her boyfriend is possessed. And she has no idea who she is. 
***Kelly Anne Blount, Amazon Bestselling Author: SHADE --- The traumatic kidnapping of Abriana Vega, a Hispanic college student. 
***Christi Goddard, Amazon Bestselling Author: FOUR IN THE MORNING --- When a smart-ass magical creature invades Kathleen’s life, a boy she hates turns up dead and her mother goes missing. 
****Steven Katriel, Amazon Bestselling Author: THE PORTRAIT OF ALATIEL SALAZAR --- When Helena vanishes from his life, Gabriel journeys to the man responsible for her disappearance. 
***DelSheree Gladden, Amazon Bestselling Author: INVISIBLE --- Being invisible won't hide Mason for long. 
***Angela Fristoe, TheNextBigWriter 2010 Strongest Start Romance Winner: LIE TO ME 
***Heather Kenealy, MTV's "Stan Lee presents the Seekers" winner: THE TRAITORS' TRILOGY 
***Peter Dawes, BBF Reader's Choice Award: EYES OF THE SEER 
***Samantha LaFantasie: MADE TO FORGET 
***Rachel Walter: TRUE CONNECTION


Sitting next in line to run Full Moon Mercy Motorcycle Club, Lucas Trowwer has kept his fair share of secrets. Whether it's the cover up of murders in town or the fact that all the men that sit at the table are truly beasts on the inside, Lucas knows the line between paranormal and reality is very thin. When bodies start piling up in town, the evidence points to a rival shifter crew looking to take down the MC, and the last thing Lucas needs is to save an innocent woman and fall for her. His trust must now reside in a woman who is beyond beautiful... and completely human. If things couldn't get any more confusing, a one night stand from Lucas's past comes forward with news that could change the path of Full Moon Mercy and Lucas is trapped within secrets, romance, and bloodshed. There's a war brewing in the town of Mercy... and deep inside Lucas's beast of a heart.

**Hot New Release From Author Belinda Boring**


Darkness Unleashed (#6, The Mystic Wolves) ~ Paranormal Romance ~ 65 5 Star Reviews

Nothing is as it seems. Alliances will be forged and broken. Friendships will be tested. The bitter sting of betrayal cuts the deepest. 

As the startling truth behind Darcy's strange behavior is revealed, the race begins as time runs out for Mason to save his beloved mate. Fighting against an unknown enemy, he must rely on instinct and powerful magic to uncover the devious plot to destroy the woman he loves. Just when Mason thinks he understands and has everything under control, the true mastermind behind recent attacks steps forward to claim authority over the Supernatural community. As the Master releases his cruelty and malice on those who dare to defy him, it will take everything the Mystic Wolves Alpha has to protect those he's pledged to serve.

**Hot New Release From Author H.D. Smith**
Only $0.99
Dark Hope (The Devil's Assistant Book 1) ~ New Adult Fantasy Romance ~ 17 5 Star Reviews

Claire, the Devil’s assistant, knows very little about the world she was dropped into five years ago, when she inherited her mother’s unpaid debt to the Demon King. She certainly didn’t expect to be a contender for the Fallen Queen’s throne, a target for the Druid King’s mafia, or a suspect in the murder of Junior, the Devil’s oldest hell spawn. In a last ditch effort to save her life and get out of her deal with the Devil, she sets out to solve Junior’s murder only to be taken prisoner by the four most dangerous immortal hell spawn alive. Not to be out done, the Pagan Queen Mab, claims Claire for entering her realm uninvited. She has an old debt to settle with her brother the Devil. Taking Claire from him after losing her years ago is just icing on the cake. Will Claire win her freedom, and save herself from the Devil? Or be trapped by Mab forever?

***A Great Romance Read From Author Jamie Salibury***
Encore! (Tudor Saga Book 1) ~ Romantic Erotica ~ 2 5 Star Reviews

Mary Stuart and Daniel Kennedy have not seen each other since attending a prestigious performing arts school. Now a world renowned violinist, and married to his career, Daniel stumbles across Mary through her images at a London gallery. He is in need of a photographer with vision - she is a photographer in need of clients. Mary has all but given up the stage - or has she? Her photographs pay the bills far more than her fancy musical education. But Mary has secrets. . .secrets she dare not share with even the roguish Mr. Kennedy. A roving paparazzi lens changes all that for them. . .  Can Daniel forgive Mary for hiding her past - and her present? Will their relationship break like a violin string - or will their love endure the chaos?

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