Saturday, November 16, 2013

Today's romance bargains!!!

**From author Colleen Masters**
Faster Harder (Take Me... #1) ~ New Adult Romance ~ 24 5 Star reviews   

How does a responsible, intelligent, career-driven girl find herself half-naked and hooking up with a bad boy Formula One driver in a Barcelona night club bathroom? Siena Lazio is a lot of things...but reckless isn't one of them. She's only in her mid-twenties and already Team Ferrelli's Director of Public Relations and heiress to the top Formula One racing team. The esteemed daughter of Alfonso Lazio, the greatest driver F1 has ever seen, Siena seems to have it all figured out. All she has to do is uphold her family's honor and ensure her brother Enzo's public image is pristine while he rises to fame and clenches the title as Formula One's new champion. Everything is perfect... until she's swept mercilessly off her feet by the one man she can never be with. The one man who can fuck it all up.Harrison Davies is Team McClain's secret weapon and he's the only driver who threatens to steal the championship from Enzo. The tattooed British bad boy knows how to get what he wants. And always gets what he wants.Harrison and Siena fall deeper and deeper with each secret tryst. Passion flares, reality fades, and the lines between right and wrong begin to blur. Driven by lust and ambition the couple delves into a world of treachery, deceit, lies, and ultimate betrayal. Is Siena ready to place her fragile heart into the hands of a speed demon and will the thrill of falling for him be worth it when they wreck?

**from author Mimi Foster**
Thunder Snow (Thunder On The Mountain Series) ~ New Adult Romance ~ Hot New Release   

Each book in this Series is a complete, stand-alone book and can be read in any order.
This is a sexy but tender escape. Jack Franklin is a well-respected man with a secret who has enjoyed the perfect hideaway in the tiny town of Nederland, about an hour outside of Denver. Over the years he has become adept at ignoring tourists who trek through this picturesque hamlet that is known for its 'live and let live' attitude. What he wasn't counting on is Callie Weston invading his sanctuary. Running from her own demons, Callie takes refuge in her father's captivating cabin carved into the side of the mountain overlooking an enchanting body of water. Jack's world is tilted as their romance and passion deepen and the sparks that fly between them grow hotter. But the closer they draw to each other, the more their pasts converge to pull them apart. This is a quick                                                                                          reading, hot and steamy modern day romance.

Three Year Rule (The Rule Series) ~ Contemporary Romance ~ 20 5 Star reviews  

When renown psychologist and best selling author Elizabeth Stewart first noticed Joshua Miller standing at the back of her audience she thought the tall, muscular man dressed like a lumberjack was in the wrong room. Little did she know, Joshua would defy everything she ever wrote about relationships. Little did she know, he was also the key to her survival.

Shy Charlotte's Brand New Juju ~ Romantic Comedy ~ Hot new release    


"A quick read that’s both laugh-out-loud funny and tremendously wise." Shy Charlotte MacDougall has the perfect life until she stumbles in on her perfect husband pressing against a perfectly naked woman. It's a scene that leaves Charlotte suddenly single, jobless, and bewildered, with two impressionable daughters looking on. That’s when her filthy-rich younger sister cooks up a plan for her: A “Summer of Transformation” in her swanky Rocky Mountain resort entire summer devoted to helping Charlotte lose weight, shake off her shyness, and regain some self-love. Charlotte tries—oh, how she tries—but, the more she works to change and improve herself, the more she starts to unravel…and to question all of the choices she has ever made. Filled with Bethany Bloom’s signature insight and humor—and a cast of quirky characters, Shy Charlotte’s Brand New Juju is a witty, wise and heartfelt portrait of a woman redefining herself and finding, at last, the one kind of love that truly matters. 

**From author Jennifer Foor**
Replace Me (Kin Series) ~ New adult contemporary romance ~ Hot New Release ~ 

Replace Me is book 2 in the ongoing KIN series. To get the best enjoyment, and be able to follow the storyline and characters, please read book 1, Repair Me, prior to reading this book. 
Lacey Travis has wanted Shayne Hutchinson since she was 15, when they first met at the beach and she was just a blip on his radar. As adults, they finally begin dating. What Lacey thinks is a serious relationship isn’t how Shayne perceives it. He’s been seeing other women the whole time. After lies are exposed, Lacey has no choice but sever their romance. She’s torn and seeks comfort with her friends, Sky and Ford, spending every weekend hanging out with the perfect couple, wishing she could have just a taste of what something so amazing feels like. When Ford’s cousin Joey, the practicing womanizer, moves into the apartment next to them, he’s determined to get Lacey into his bed. The more she fights Joey, the harder he is to resist. Resolved to steer clear of the heartbreaker, Lacey falls victim to more of Shayne’s doings and lands right into Joey’s accepting arms. Then Shayne finds out that Lacey’s moved on. He becomes overwhelmed with trying to win her back, before she falls for that one person that he’s certain will break her heart even worse than he’s already done. As Lacey fights her feelings for both of these men, she realizes that a choice must be made. With her heart on the line, she’s determined to find happiness. Will she choose the one who will give her that taste of perfection she’s been looking for? Find out who Lacey ends up with in this erotic follow-up to Repair Me. 

*Contains sexual content and some strong language. 18+ readers only.*

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