Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Todays Book Bargains

**From author Cynthia Eden**
Bound In Sin ~ Vampire/Werewolf Romance ~ 29 5 star reviews ~ Only $.99 ~
What's the price of sin? Human Paige Sloan once loved werewolf Drake Wyler more than life, but then that life was taken away from her. Attacked by vampires, Paige was bitten, and, on a cold, dark night, the life she'd known ended. She was reborn as a vampire--a werewolf's deadliest enemy. Paige ran from the vampires who attacked her, and she ran away from her lover. She didn't want Drake to know what she'd become, and she didn't want to face the fury of his pack. But a girl can only run for so long until the past catches up with her. Some sins mark your soul. When Paige learns that Drake is being targeted for death, she knows that she can't hide in the shadows any longer. She has to return to him, and she will do anything--anything--in order to make sure that he keeps living. The vampires might have destroyed her chance to live and love Drake, but they won't take him. Not over her undead body. She'll slay them all...and maybe, just maybe...she'll even have the chance to sin--one more time--with the werewolf who'd marked her as his mate. Some sins are worth dying for...


**From author April M. Reign**
Mystery and Romance (Two Novels) ~ Paranormal romance ~ $3.99 ~
Twenty-seven-year-old detective Carlo Mancini is your average do-good kind-of-guy with an insatiable appetite for justice. However, Carlo has one personal setback: his inability to let a senseless crime become a cold case. His obsession to uphold the law has led him on a ten-year, dead-end search for the infamous IOU thief. Twenty-six-year-old Mia Baker lives a normal life: a quaint apartment overlooking Central Park, cherished friends, and Pirate, her one-eyed cat. To most people, Mia’s life seems perfect; but to Mia, that couldn’t be further from the truth—especially when her disturbing past comes back to haunt her.When Detective Mancini bangs on Mia’s front door, he has no idea he will soon unravel some disturbing truths about himself, and the woman in front of him. One chance encounter can destroy the very fabric of their woven lives when Carlo realizes reality is not always black and white... Especially when secrets are involved. DIVIDING DESTINY:
Private investigator Destiny Parks has spent her adult life trying to find, and bring to justice, her father's killer. Now, eight years later, she is still holding on to his cold case, hoping to find the one clue that will solve it-until one rainy night, and one car accident, that will change her life forever.Jacob Blake is a no-nonsense, arrogant lawyer married to conniving Eva Blake. Suspecting Eva is having an affair, Jacob demands a divorce-until one rainy night, and one car accident, that will change their lives forever. You never know how life will turn out . . . Especially when you have to walk in someone else's shoes.


**From author Catherine Bybee**
Possessive ~ Paranormal romance ~ 4 5 star reviews ~ hot new release ~ $1.99 ~
Grief counselor Lauren Trousdale has no choice but to take her work home with her. A near-death experience left her with the ability to not only see, but also communicate with ghosts. The gift isn’t one she dares reveal to anyone – certainly not to Dr. Ethan Bailey, the man she can’t stop dreaming about. The ghosts are mostly kind, lost souls, but when a lovely, exotic dream about Ethan turns into a nightmare, Lauren wakes to an ice-cold room and the fear that she’s not alone. Ethan’s attraction to Lauren blooms the first time he sees her. As they grow closer, he realizes she is hiding something, but never expects her secret to be a ghostly stalker. Ethan’s only concern is protecting Lauren, but when the ghost becomes violent, Ethan must risk everything to save her. Can Lauren let him take that risk alone?


**From author Lisa Mondello**
Her Dakota Man (Book 1 - Dakota Hearts) ~ Western romance ~ Hot New Release ~ $3.99 ~